On Sept. 14, 2015, United Photovoltaics Group Limited was admitted into Hang Seng Index; and on November 30, 2015, it became a component stock of Global Small Cap China Index of MSCI.
  • Panda Green
    Panda Green Energy Group Limited is a leading global eco-development solutions provider. As a global new energy resources integration platform, Panda Green Energy has attracted a number of domestic and foreign large institutional investors. In addition to China Merchants New Energy, the largest shareholder, the Company’s other main shareholders include ORIX, the international large-scale comprehensive financial services group, China Huarong, one of China's four major asset management companies, and the Asia Climate Partners (ACP) under the Asian Development Bank (ADB). ORIX currently has branches spreading across 36 countries and regions around the world. It engages in dozens of industries main including environmental protection, new energy and finance. ORIX is the most active and powerful investor of clean energy sector in the Asia-Pacific area, as well as the largest renewable energy investor and operator in Japan, owning renewable energy projects worldwide with total capacity of more than 7GW. China Huarong is a state-owned large non-banking financial institution approved by the State Council, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and China Life. As at the end of 2016, its total assets have exceeded RMB1.4 trillion. China Huarong has a solid financial capital background, with advantages in connecting local government resources. ACP is a climate fund jointly initiated by ADB, Robeco and ORIX in 2014, aimed at investing in clean energy, resource efficiency and environmental protection. The joining of high-quality shareholders not only recognized Panda Green Energy’s achievements in new energy, business management and corporate governance, but also represented the strong confidence from the domestic and overseas large financial institutions towards new energy industry prospects and the Company's development potential.
    Panda Green
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